Contracts, discovery & ikigai


The business card for those looking to win government contracts with agencies or other prime contractors is the company “capabilities statement”. It introduces and communicates what you have to offer. Getting your capabilities statement on file with government agencies you wish to do business with is a standard marketing activity to do ad hoc anytime.

Discovery is listening to clients. It’s best to carefully read government contract documents (RFI, IFB, RFQ…) to find out what they are buying. If you can, talk to the people who wrote it. Getting accurate discovery background gives you a better idea of the problems being resolved. Discover what positive outcomes and results are wanted by the people who it is for. Then show how your service or products achieve it.

To listen to customer needs and desires is good advice for any sale. Some discovery actions are client metrics observation, networking, & data-collection. Another could be looking at what you and your company capabilities are.

Japanese word ikigai illustrated concept

The Japanese word “ikigai” means reason for being. It combines passion, mission, profession and vocation. Values brought to company actions bring value to your company. To combine capabilities with doing what you love, assisting others for exchange, uplifts you and others – ikigai.

There are other illustrations online. I made mine to include the derivation, Japanese characters, and transparent colored circles.

I think it is worthwhile to write down the perfect project for your group or company.  For instance: what does your company specialize in? What is the perfect type of customer? Specify project types that best fit your group.  What will challenge and grow capabilities? What does your company make the most money at? 

In a changing world, ikigaiis done through discovery. Looking inward (what you love & are good at) and outward (what the world needs & pays for).  It’s creating and maintaining balance.

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Here’s a link to the capabilities statement for Verinotis, LLC.

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